Stephanie Campisi

Children's author. Sneaky poet. Maker of puns. Dropper of eaves. Dealer in whimsy.

Stephanie Campisi. Children's author.


Stephanie Campisi is an Australian-born, Washington-based author who writes twisty odysseys involving strange characters and stranger plots. She credits shameless eavesdropping with the majority of her ideas, and is small and quiet enough that people readily share with her their tall tales and darkest secrets, which she then makes taller, darker, and occasionally more handsome. She suspects she might have made an excellent spy. She has slept in a cemetery, has a friend who was bullied by a prince, and has travelled from one end of Malaysia to the other on a very hot train with a fragrant durian in her lap. Two of the three statements in the previous sentence are true. Or maybe they all are. 

Stephanie is represented by Kira Watson of the Emma Sweeney Agency.