Stephanie Campisi

Children's author. Sneaky poet. Maker of puns. Dropper of eaves. Dealer in whimsy.

Stephanie Campisi. Children's author.

The Ugly Dumpling

illustrated by Shahar Kober 
Mighty Media Press, April 2016

"A bright, multicultural twist on a classic tale. ... Specifically told without gendered pronouns, this is simply a story about love. Kober’s illustrations are characterised by delicious changes in perspective, and Campisi’s sly, humorous asides ensure that the message of identity is not heavy-handed ... Quirky retellings often lean on clever titles alone, but this surpasses and delights."—Kirkus ReviewsStarred Review

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Ugly Dumpling cover Campisi Kober

Once upon a time
perhaps last week
or even last night
at your local dim sum restaurant
there was an ugly dumpling...

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